Thursday, December 30, 2010


it's been so long since i've signed in .
i hope you all had a lovely christmas.
new years eve is tomorrow , im going to do something awesome with my hair - just not sure what . i also plan on buying a new outfit.
how are you all ? any new bloggers i should check out ?
lots of love

Friday, January 29, 2010

happy tag .

the lovely tagged me to do this - aswell as - both girls blogs are amazing , so you should go check them out !

Rules : List ten things that make you happy , try and do one today & then pass it on too ten people .

1 ~ my family , my boyfriend , my puppy & my best friend . they always make me smile and anyday with them is a good day .

2 ~ clean things , im abit obsessive . but i love clean sheets / clothes / flat / car WHATEVER . lifes better if things are clean .

3 ~ the beach . dosnt matter if im jumping in waves , having a picnic , laying in the sand dunes or just sunbathing . i enjoy it , something so soothing about the beach .

4 ~ shopping . yes it makes me happy . its something i do atleast twice a week . i like new things .

5 ~ days when my kidney dosnt bother me . and im able to just enjoy life . it has stopped me from achieving so many things , so the rare day when its not sore i treasure .

6 ~ makeup / hair / shoes . fashion is my number one . but these are my number two faves .

7 ~ watching dvds . being sick i do this ALOT . its good to take my mind off things .

8 ~ milo / hot chocolates . YUM . so nice .

9 ~ laying in the sun or on the bed, reading / listening to music . relaxing .

10 ~ handing in assignments . such a relief to have them done .

therefore i tag everyone whos reading this

fancy seeing you here

hi ladieez . sorry i havnt posted for awhile , my bestfriend has been struggling abit with some stuff so shes moved in an we have been having lots of girl time .
i did buy some new makeup ,
- blush
- bronzer + highliter
- two lipsticks
- eyeliner
- revlon colorstay foundation
- revlon colorstay pressed powder

i also brought a cute bag with a chain strap , a skirt & two tops .
i will eventually post pictures up, just busy at the minute .

anyone else been shopping ?
i was at the beach swimming, till 8pm ! so nice - spending tomorrow there too .


Sunday, January 24, 2010

my oh my ,

peoples blogs on here are just too frikin cute , iv also started watching youtube videos . swalkermakeup & pixiewoo are my favs at the moment , anyone got any reccomendations ?

iv ordered some blush & bronzer / highlighting powder off the internet . theres a looong list of things im planning on buying over the next few months -

1 . revlon colorstay foundation in nude .
2. mac 190 foundation blush .
3. revlon concealer ( i havnt been sleeping so i have the worst black eyes YUCK ) ,
4. translucent powder for around $15 , im thinking it will be good for days when im feeling sick and blah , i dunno .
5. new eyeliner
6. pressed powder .
then i was thinking eyebrows - i want to try filling them in ( it seems to make peoples makeup look really polished ? )

today i went shopping , to find makeup . i couldnt find a thing worth buying - right now im happy though because the things i want online are much nicer , and cheaper too .

i tryed lipsticks on my hand, they all suck . i have little lips . i think dark colors will just make them look smaller . i really like kristen calavaris nude lip on the hills -
do you know how hard it is to find a nude lipstick ! its crazy !

anyway lovlies . so delightful in the wonderful world of makeup .
hope you all had the best weekend , i did . my boyfriend brought me home a wii , with mario cart and sports . too cute ! i then went to layby wii fit plus - with the balance board . anyway i was at the laybuy counter , and he was like oh dont worry , ill just get it for you !!
adorable . xo

Friday, January 22, 2010

day one wearing blush .

it took two tries to get it right , mainly had a problem with too much powder getting on the brush , so i figured if i tapped the brush and then applied it it worked well . sorry that im laying down / been sick again allday so i was resting ^ - ^ makeup is fun to do when your bored , isnt it ? might go shopping again tomorrow , depending on how i am . have a voucher to spend ! from christmas , this has got to be the longest time a voucher has been in my purse, usually its gone within the week . LOL .
oh well anyway, makeup i used was
- maybelline dream liquid mousse
- maybelline mineral power natural perfecting concealer
- smashbox blush / illuminator
- L'oreal bronzer
- maybelline kohl eyeliner ( i wear this everyday, it makes my eyes prettyful )
- maybelline colossal volum' mascara
- my new rimmel smokey eyes set
i still havnt brought lipstick , shamefully i only have blistex on . hahaha .
what do you think ? any tips ? my boyfriend noticed my change in makeup and told me i was amazingly beautiful - but that i always was . cute :)
love love love xo

Thursday, January 21, 2010

shopping / photos

this is around my light , its cute and i like it .

this is my bedroom wall :) it makes me smile seeing everyone, everyday .
lastly, i went shopping sortof .
- nutrogena eye/face makeup remover $8
- blackbox bronzer / illuminating shimmer powder $4
- orly top / bottom clear coat $6
- rimmel eyeshadow; pretty basic smokey eye colours $4
- L'oreal bronzer $12

so as you can see , this is the start of my makeup collection . im not too sure about what i brought. but i would still like to get some blush , concealer and perhaps pink lipstick .
had some bad news about my sore kidney - so mum took me to the movies to cheer me up :)
hope you all had a great day.
love erin

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

you are amazing ,

every one of you who reads this , i hope you know i think your amazing ^-^

my kidney hurts today . im in bed watching DVD's and on here .
its a pretty crap summer day, cloudy and ew . + my tan is fading .

iv decided i dont need primer . i dont need pressed powder as i have mineral powder .
i do however need some blush , im pretty pale most days . i think i would like some bronzer, and some Benefit High Beam - the cheapest i can get it is 6O$ it might have to wait awhile huh ! and i was also thinking lipstick , pretty pink . i have a bright red one in my makeup cabinet i found today :)
i also need concealer, (in a stick, or liquid ??) and some eyeshadows + brushes .

i was thinking , my foundation dosnt last long. by lunchtime its pretty worn off . is it just a crap foundation or is there something im not using to stop it loosing its staying power.