Friday, January 22, 2010

day one wearing blush .

it took two tries to get it right , mainly had a problem with too much powder getting on the brush , so i figured if i tapped the brush and then applied it it worked well . sorry that im laying down / been sick again allday so i was resting ^ - ^ makeup is fun to do when your bored , isnt it ? might go shopping again tomorrow , depending on how i am . have a voucher to spend ! from christmas , this has got to be the longest time a voucher has been in my purse, usually its gone within the week . LOL .
oh well anyway, makeup i used was
- maybelline dream liquid mousse
- maybelline mineral power natural perfecting concealer
- smashbox blush / illuminator
- L'oreal bronzer
- maybelline kohl eyeliner ( i wear this everyday, it makes my eyes prettyful )
- maybelline colossal volum' mascara
- my new rimmel smokey eyes set
i still havnt brought lipstick , shamefully i only have blistex on . hahaha .
what do you think ? any tips ? my boyfriend noticed my change in makeup and told me i was amazingly beautiful - but that i always was . cute :)
love love love xo


  1. Aaw what a cute boyfriend! I think you look really pretty and very natural at the same time. Love it hunny :) x x

  2. You look very pretty :) please follow my blog :) xxx

  3. You look so pretty hun(:
    xoxo S

  4. very natural, lovely! the pictures around the light from your last post are so cute!
    cute blog you got here :)