Monday, January 18, 2010

ihh , i need some help !

im looking to expand my makeup collection , hm .
at the moment i use foundation , eyeliner , mascara & eyeshadow on some days .
iv heard ALOT of talk about primers , illuminating powder , pressed powder , blush , brushes , lipsticks etc .

were oh were do i start ?
i found a cute hello kitty mac lipstick , i think thats my first buy .
what do you reccomend ? argh .

thankyou lovelies


  1. Hi,
    I think I'm in a similar position to you (I could have got it totally wrong though - so just so you know I dont mean to offend you!).. But I enjoy make up, I think I know a bit about it, I'm def no expert! I have no idea how to properly apply more than one shade of eyeshadow(!) and theres plenty I can learn..
    But after reading a few blogs and watching a few youtube videos I'm compiling my wish list! So far on it is:
    max factor 2000 calories mascara
    Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in beige
    Kiehls eye cream avocado
    Barry M Bronzing powder
    Prestige Baked Bronze Mineral
    Benefit coralista
    sleek palette
    shu uemura painting liner
    revlon photo ready foundation
    Origins Multigrain foundation
    Nars sheer glow foundation (obv I will have to choose between these 3, I wont be buying them all!)

    I dont know what brands etc you have in New Zealand, but thats my list anyway :)

    I just bought a few things that people rave about - Stila eyeliner in Topaz, a liner for your waterline which is flesh colour, a bit less harsh than the white.. I still havent made my mind up on that.
    And YSL lipstick #2 sensual silk - I have pale skin and I think this is one for Summer, again, only had it a day and tried on once, so I will see.


  2. Hi Erin! Thanks for the comment. pfftt you could spend a fortune on make-up products that do bugger all. I've use illuminating stuff and it does nothing. Primer makes your foundation go on slightly easier... but not so much easier that it's worth the price... I'd say just stay with what you've got and just get some blush and red lipstick!

  3. I really recommend Coralista by Benefit :) xx

  4. brushes I'd recommend starting off with some cheap stuff and see what you like before going on to pricer stuff

    don't get primer right away, it doesn't do THAT much to pay the big bucks for.

    I'd start off with some different lipsticks that go well with you and your skin tone, and look at some blushes. Go to MAC and have someone look at your skin and see what would work well. I also love Benefit's Boxed Powders I'd get some of their stuff too! I have a review of most of them.

    I think highlighting is great, you could get a lighter MAC MSF or Benefits High Beam which is amazing

  5. hello sugar! just thought I'd pop by to give you some help,, these are just a few of my items I've tried and I'd love to share with you.. Just to let you know, I go for a natural look, so it looks flawless but not cakey...

    I've tried alot of foundations and these are a few that I liked..

    Estee Lauder Double wear - best full coverage but I found quite thick if applied with a foundation brush.

    Lancome colour ideal - This is really good coverage, hides blemished and looks really light on the face, quite glowy too, just find the correct shade.

    Clinique superfit foundation - Liquid form This is really nice, covers ok and not too cakey.

    Clinique gentle light makeup - cream consistancy, best clinique foundation I have used, so natural but it's best off using with fingers rather than a brush. Great coverage and looks very natural, I love it.

    Lunasol Water Cream Foundation - This is the best foundation I've ever used. I use this one now. It's full coverage, has alot of shades to choose and is so light on the skin, I advise a stippling brush for this.

    Loose powder is also very good for a natural look, but never ever use a loose foundation power over foundation, it's far too cakey, If you just want to use a powder but still good coverage the best I've used is Bare Minerals. It is honestly really good coverage but there is no need to put on any other foundation, maybe a little bit of concealer but thats all you need really..

    For a primer, the best one is Mac prep + prime. Its a cream to powder base, which is matte finish.. I didnt like the benefit that gal so much, it smelled sososo lovely and looked great on it's own but when I come to use it as a primer its not so good..

    For blush I love benefit dandelion, it's such a great pink, really natural but deffinately shows. Givenchy Prisme do great blushers too.
    Nars orgasm is really amazing, it's peachy with a gold shimmer to it. I love it, but very pigmented. I recommend Nars and Benefit as blushers..

    Lipsticks I found Guerlain to be really really good. I think all their colours are amazing especially the reds. Creamy and the colour really lasts..

    Makeup brushes. I cannot live without my MAC 187. It's a stippling brush which makes my foundation not streaky at all one bit and very light too...

    Jill Stuart do amazing eye shadows, so does Paul & Joe...

    hope this helped!! Just remember to wear makeup that suits your skin type. Say if you have dry skin, stay away from powders and if you have oily skin at times, it's because your skin is actually dry and your face is producing more oils than usual to moisturize it, so stick to liquids whenever you get oily... If you do have oily skin all the time, I'd stay away from cream based foundations, unless it is oil free. x

  6. i re-did my makeup collection at the end of last year. it wasn't easy. hehe. i first bought heaps of cheaper products to like fill up space but then i realised its better to have quality over quantity.

    so now im kind of buying more high end products less often rather than lots of cheap ones if that makes sense. :)

    and you live in new zealand? me to :D
    it sucks how all like maybelline stuff is like 20 dollars.

  7. nikki - i cant comment your blog for some reason but i said :

    yes ! thats exactly right . im pretty good with the usual foundation / mascara and perhaps a smokey eye look - but other then that im lost .

    makeup in new zealand is pretty limited , Maybelliene and L'oreal etc are very popular . you can buy MAC but im finding it alittle extreme to pay nearly 4O$ for one makeup brush :\

    revlon photo ready foundation looks good ! iv heard alot of positive reviews on it :)
    good want/wish list - i think ill compose one for myself ^^

    erin xo