Tuesday, January 19, 2010

you are amazing ,

every one of you who reads this , i hope you know i think your amazing ^-^

my kidney hurts today . im in bed watching DVD's and on here .
its a pretty crap summer day, cloudy and ew . + my tan is fading .

iv decided i dont need primer . i dont need pressed powder as i have mineral powder .
i do however need some blush , im pretty pale most days . i think i would like some bronzer, and some Benefit High Beam - the cheapest i can get it is 6O$ it might have to wait awhile huh ! and i was also thinking lipstick , pretty pink . i have a bright red one in my makeup cabinet i found today :)
i also need concealer, (in a stick, or liquid ??) and some eyeshadows + brushes .

i was thinking , my foundation dosnt last long. by lunchtime its pretty worn off . is it just a crap foundation or is there something im not using to stop it loosing its staying power.



  1. Hi! For foundation I would recommend Revlon Colorstay, it literally does stay on ALL day long, it's great! Good luck with makeup hunting.

    Btw your dog is soooo cute :) :)
    x x

  2. You should check ebay for the benefit highbeam, i bet you'd get it alot cheaper !
    Have you considered mac concealer? & if you can get your hands on the maybelinne pink blush lipstick, i think you'd like it, its a lovely creamy pink :) xx

  3. liquid form for under the eyes. and concealer stick for blemishes...

    also primer is good for keeping makeup on all day, and protects your skin from makeup going into your pores.

    and you don't need a lipliner if you want to wear lipstick but sometimes it helps if you want to put a dramatic colour x

  4. I need a good foundation too, so hard to find one!

  5. If you can access drugstore products, my recommendations for eyeshadows are those from Maybelline, Almay, and Revlon. As BeautyBeau commented above, Revlon Colorstay is supposed to be a fantastic foundation (I have sensitive skin, so I use only Almay). In terms of affordable brushes, Target's Sonia Kashuk brush line (http://www.target.com/Sonia-Kashuk-Design-Shopping-Directory/b?ie=UTF8&node=1084124) or Essence of Beauty brushes (commonly found at CVS) are good choices. Hope that helps!

  6. yea i dont think you can get any benefit products in nz. grr. well i havent seen any around. it could maybe be like nars or stila makeup which you have to go to specialist beauty stores to get. :(
    ordering online would be the way to go. :)

    brushes go for mac. definitly.
    they are beautifully perfect.
    and a lovely high quality foundation would be great, and probably have more staying power.

    i hope you feel better soon btw.