Sunday, January 24, 2010

my oh my ,

peoples blogs on here are just too frikin cute , iv also started watching youtube videos . swalkermakeup & pixiewoo are my favs at the moment , anyone got any reccomendations ?

iv ordered some blush & bronzer / highlighting powder off the internet . theres a looong list of things im planning on buying over the next few months -

1 . revlon colorstay foundation in nude .
2. mac 190 foundation blush .
3. revlon concealer ( i havnt been sleeping so i have the worst black eyes YUCK ) ,
4. translucent powder for around $15 , im thinking it will be good for days when im feeling sick and blah , i dunno .
5. new eyeliner
6. pressed powder .
then i was thinking eyebrows - i want to try filling them in ( it seems to make peoples makeup look really polished ? )

today i went shopping , to find makeup . i couldnt find a thing worth buying - right now im happy though because the things i want online are much nicer , and cheaper too .

i tryed lipsticks on my hand, they all suck . i have little lips . i think dark colors will just make them look smaller . i really like kristen calavaris nude lip on the hills -
do you know how hard it is to find a nude lipstick ! its crazy !

anyway lovlies . so delightful in the wonderful world of makeup .
hope you all had the best weekend , i did . my boyfriend brought me home a wii , with mario cart and sports . too cute ! i then went to layby wii fit plus - with the balance board . anyway i was at the laybuy counter , and he was like oh dont worry , ill just get it for you !!
adorable . xo


  1. have you ever tried bright red? maybe with lipgloss on top itll make your lips pop (that rhymed lol)

    but Ive seen girls with small lips pull off that red... so maybe!

  2. lovely blog!

  3. I need some new make-up too, I hate buying that!

  4. I tagged you for the Happy 101, tag :) xx

  5. Hellooo,
    Just to let you know I tagged you to do the Happy Tag :)

    Lots of love,