Thursday, January 21, 2010

shopping / photos

this is around my light , its cute and i like it .

this is my bedroom wall :) it makes me smile seeing everyone, everyday .
lastly, i went shopping sortof .
- nutrogena eye/face makeup remover $8
- blackbox bronzer / illuminating shimmer powder $4
- orly top / bottom clear coat $6
- rimmel eyeshadow; pretty basic smokey eye colours $4
- L'oreal bronzer $12

so as you can see , this is the start of my makeup collection . im not too sure about what i brought. but i would still like to get some blush , concealer and perhaps pink lipstick .
had some bad news about my sore kidney - so mum took me to the movies to cheer me up :)
hope you all had a great day.
love erin


  1. Your room looks so cute! & great haul, like the colours of the rimmel duo eyeshadow :)xx

  2. Love your bedroom wall! I just recently did something similar to this, except mine goes from top to bottom.. so it's a bit more intense. :) Loving your blog. Followed xxx